What You Need to Know

  • 处理生肉、鸡肉和其他家禽和海鲜时
    • Separate it from other food
    • Refrigerate it before grilling
    • Wash your hands before and after handling it
    • 确保它的汁液没有接触到其他食物、器具和表面
    • 使用食物温度计确保煮熟的食物达到安全的内部温度
  • Refrigerate leftovers within 2 hours of cooking
Chicken grilling on a grill

食物中毒在夏季达到高峰,因为夏季气温升高,导致食源性细菌大量繁殖. 遵循以下步骤,让你度过一个安全愉快的烧烤季节.


购物时,在结账前最后挑肉、鸡肉和其他家禽和海鲜. 把它们与购物车和购物袋里的其他食物分开. 为避免交叉污染,应将每包生肉及家禽分别放入塑料袋内.


将肉类、家禽和海鲜冷藏,直到准备烧烤. 运输时,请在绝缘冷却器中保存在40°F或以下.

Thaw & Marinate

Harmful germs can multiply quickly at room temperature. Thaw food safely in the refrigerator, cold water, or microwave. 无论你用的是哪种腌料,都要把食物放在冰箱里腌制. 不要在柜台上解冻或腌制肉类、家禽或海鲜.


Wash your hands 在处理生肉、家禽和海鲜之前和之后都要用肥皂. Wash work surfaces 餐具在烹饪前后都要用热肥皂水.

Check Your Grill and Tools

烹饪前用湿布或纸巾清洁烤架表面. 如果你用铁丝刷,在烹饪前要彻底检查烤架的表面. Wire bristles from grill cleaning brushes may dislodge and stick into food on the grill.

Don’t Cross-Contaminate

把接触过生肉汁的卤汁和酱汁扔掉, which can spread germs to cooked foods. 用干净的餐具和盘子从烤架上取出熟肉. 不要把煮熟的肉放回装有生肉的盘子里.


Use a food thermometer to ensure meat is cooked hot enough to kill harmful germs. When smoking, 将烟熏器内的温度保持在225°F到300°F,以使肉在烹饪时保持在安全的内部温度.

When grilling, cook to:

  • 145°F—whole cuts of beef, pork, lamb, 小牛肉(然后在切肉或吃之前让肉静置3分钟)
  • 145°f的鱼(或者煮到肉不透明,用叉子很容易分离)
  • 160°F—hamburgers and other ground beef
  • 165°F—all poultry and pre-cooked meats, like hot dogs

After grilling, keep food hot:

  • 140°F or warmer—until it’s served


把剩菜分成小份,放在有盖的浅容器里. Put in freezer or fridge within 2 hours of cooking (1 hour if above 90°F outside). 把一小部分热的食物放在冰箱里是可以的,因为它们会更快地冷却.

thanks to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC)