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To renew your food service license, complete the Application for a License to Conduct a Food Service Operation or Food Service Establishment.



View View Food Operation Licensing Fees. For further information about your facility’s specific fees, contact (513) 946-7800.


New facilities

Prior to construction of a new food operation (restaurant, bar, grocery store, etc.), a set of plans must be submitted to the Hamilton County General Health District for review. The plans should contain the following information:

  1. A menu or list of food items to be sold.
  2. A floor plan of the operation showing the following items:
    • Total area used for the food operation
    • Entrance and exits (self-closing doors on restrooms)
    • Location of plumbing fixtures (hand sinks; mop sink; 3-compartment utensil washing sink or mechanical dishwasher; food prep sink for washing and thawing foods; grease interceptor)
    • Equipment (refrigerators; freezers; stoves; ovens; grills; fryers; steam tables; microwaves; etc.)
  3. An equipment list stating manufacturer, make and model numbers. All equipment must be National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) approved.
  4. A surface finish list of the floors, walls and ceiling. Must be smooth and easily cleanable.
  5. A lighting schedule of both natural and artificial light. In all food preparation and utensil washing areas, 40 foot candle minimum required. In dry storage areas, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, 20 foot candle minimum required.
  6. Completed Plan Review Application and fee (call 513-946-7847 for specific fee information) submitted to:
    Hamilton County Public Health
    Environmental Health Division
    250 William Howard Taft Road, 2nd Floor
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Any new food service operation that began operation after March 1, 2010 is required to obtain food manager training for at least one employee per shift. This training is offered at least bi monthly by Hamilton County Public Health. An application to attend this course must be submitted along with the plan review application.

You must also complete the Application for a License to Conduct a Food Service Operation or Food Service Establishment. This may be submitted along with the Plan Review Application, but the Plan Review Application must be approved before a license can be issued.


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